Teaching Children the Gift of Giving
“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not.”
Dr. Seuss
In Giving We Receive So Much

Now we are a lot older and can't thank you enough for your donations to the Humane Society of Silicon Valley. It's great that every bit we do helps animals directly, from the abused to the strays....especially the animals that are perfectly imperfect. Keep on doing what you are doing and we can save a lot more animals that are needing care and love. We have started a coding program on helping the eager learners learn how to code in different languages. We have events going throughout the year, we will keep you posted on all of them.


2018 Los Altos Christmas Tree Lot Volunteering

Thank you so much for the Los Altos Kiwanis Club and all they do for the Christmas tree lot. It was fun volunteering this season and we look forward to doing it again soon! Don't forget to join your local Kiwanis Club, they do good things!

Please check back for future events.

What a suprise, adults came to our class too !

We want to thank everyone who attended the Summer 2018 JavaScript class.

Another success !

Back by popular demand! Robert's Coding Class: Introduction to Javascript at Los Altos Library. Science and Technology Week! October 14th Saturday. The event was a success! We can't wait until the next event, so see you all there!

Robert's Coding Classes at St. Joseph Mountain View School in the Summer.

My partner Nicholas, head mentor, makes sure that every class runs smoothly without glitches.

Thank you Charlotte K. for being a part of my class!

2017 Events!

Recent Visit in June 2017 with Elana Titus*

*Elana Titus
Volunteer Programs Coordinator
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Previous Visit with Former Volunteer Programs Coordinator at HSSV

On my previous visit to the Humane Society of Silicon Valley, I met up with Kris Gunderson* and.... (hey that's me in the lobby picture!) she is wonderful and is always ready to teach us more about HSSV and all of the great things we can do to help.

*Kris Gunderson
Former Volunteer Programs Coordinator
Humane Society Silicon Valley


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